Does your employer owe you wages?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), when the regular payday for the last pay period you worked has passed and you have not been paid, you may contact the Department of Labor.

It may be surprising to learn that your employer has in fact, no certain time period to pay you for your work.  However in certain Florida counties, like Hillsborough, wage theft ordinances may apply.

According to the Hillsborough County Consumer Issues / Wage Recovery web page (, you may  qualify for the Wage Recovery Program, if you meet the conditions below:

• You are an employee or independent contractor who has performed work in Hillsborough County

• The company or person you worked for failed to pay or underpaid the appropriate wage for your work, including but not limited to:

  – Failure to pay agreed upon wage rate

  – Failure to pay for time worked just before you put in your notice or were terminated

  – Incorrectly calculating overtime

• The amount of wages owed is more than $60

• A reasonable amount of time has elapsed from when work was performed and when the wages should have been paid

At this website, you will also find information on the wage recovery process and your best options in filing a claim, including mediation or legal council. Rulings may result in:

• You recover your wages

• You recover your wages plus damages up to two times the original withheld amount

• The employer pays administrative costs

• Dismissal if you fail to prove the claim

• You pay administrative costs if it is found you filed unjustly, in retaliation, or for harassment purposes

The Hillsborough County Wage Recovery Ordinance can be viewed at,_part_a?nodeId=HICOCOORLAPAGEOR_CH51WARE

If you are owed wages, consult with employment law attorney Derek Usman for an evaluation of your potential unpaid wages claims against your employer or former employer. You can reach The Usman Law Firm at 813-377-1197.

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