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Commercial Landlord Tenant Law

Under Florida law, both commercial landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities. It is important to understand the legal process as it affects this type of business relationship. The rights of both parties depend largely on what is in the rental agreement.

What are my Maternity Rights as an Employee?

If you’re pregnant, you may be wondering what your rights are in the workplace. Unfortunately, pregnancy standards and laws in the United States can be complex, varying state-by-state and by each individual company. To further complicate, there is also currently no federal law that applies to everyone in the US for maternity leave.  

Temporary & Preliminary Injunctions

After the filing of a lawsuit, a party can ask the judge to issue a temporary injunction.  The temporary injunction seeks to require the other party to either commit a certain act or to prohibit it from performing a particular action. In a business or commercial law context, injunctions are often sought to enforce a […]


Creditors of a Florida single member LLC (“SMLLC”) are able to reach the assets of SMLLC by obtaining a charging order and then foreclosing on the member’s interest.  However, if an LLC has multi-members, creditors are limited to distributions that a debtor member would ordinarily receive from the LLC. To prevent a foreclosure of a […]